Newd Vintage is a Sustainable Clothing Brand


Our Origins

Founded in 2020, Newd Vintage is more than just a boutique—it's a movement towards a sustainable, inclusive future. Born out of a love for unique, high-quality vintage clothing, we are dedicated to championing individuality and eco-consciousness. Our journey began with carefully selected 80s and 90s vintage pieces made from natural fabrics such as wool, leather, cotton, and cashmere. As the second-hand clothing industry grows and awareness of sustainable fashion increases, our passion for creating a sustainable future has only intensified.


The Newdist

You care deeply about sustainability but never compromise on style. You know that real fashion is about expressing yourself while being kind to the planet. Whether it's a vintage leather jacket or a repurposed silk dress, every item you wear carries a sense of history and purpose. You understand the power of a well-chosen piece, how it can elevate an outfit and make a statement.



Hannah Ford

Step into the world of Newd's founder, Hannah Ford, where the past and the future merge in a dazzling display of vintage splendor and sustainable ethos. As the dynamic force behind Newd Vintage, Hannah embodies the perfect fusion of extensive experience in beauty, luxury, and tech with a deep-rooted passion for eco-conscious fashion. Her journey is a tapestry woven with threads of timeless elegance and a commitment to a greener tomorrow.



Fashion Practices

At Newd Vintage, we believe in the power of circular fashion. We handpick each item individually for its quality and uniqueness, ensuring that every piece in our collection is something special. By operating on a small scale, we minimise waste and packaging, saving countless clothes and accessories from ending up in landfills.


Quality and Care

Our commitment to quality is unwavering. Each garment undergoes a thorough quality check, is laundered, and steamed to perfection. If anything ever falls short of your expectations, we happily accept returns. We also personalise and embroider select items, making them truly one-of-a-kind. Items that don’t meet our high standards are recycled and repurposed, never wasted.


Environmental Impact

We strive to minimise our environmental footprint in all aspects of our business. We use minimal and recycled packaging whenever possible and rely on trustworthy UK couriers and Royal Mail to ensure our items arrive safely and on time. As a small, independently owned business, we are always exploring new ways to reduce our impact, including potential future shifts to electric vehicles.




We’ve had the honour of being published by well-known brands and publications including: Bespoke Bride

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