Zélikha Dinga – The Parisian Chef Marrying Culinary Art with Fashion Flair

Zélikha Dinga – The Parisian Chef Marrying Culinary Art with Fashion Flair

Inspired by GANNI's interview with Zélikha Dinga

Imagine stepping into a world where fashion and food dance together in a harmonious blend of colour, texture, and taste. This is the world of Zélikha Dinga, the Parisian chef and founder of @carodiarioparis, whose Italian-inspired dishes are as much a feast for the eyes as they are for the palate.

Zélikha's journey is as rich and diverse as the flavours she creates. Born and raised in the cultural melting pot of Paris, her path to the culinary world was as serendipitous as it was destined. From literary dreams to culinary reality, Zélikha's story is a testament to the beauty of unexpected turns in life's journey.

Her venture, Caro Diario, is not just about food; it's a canvas where Zélikha paints her culinary masterpieces. It began humbly with cookies and cakes and gradually evolved into a symphony of customised, aesthetically driven catering projects. Each dish is a careful composition, reflecting her love for the generous spirit of Italian cuisine and the elegant simplicity of Japanese fare.

Fashion, for Zélikha, is like the seasoning in her kitchen – essential and transformative. She approaches her attire as she does her menus, adapting her style to suit the mood and theme of each event. Whether it's wearing colors that pop or classic cuts that stand the test of time, her fashion choices are a mirror to her culinary creations – vibrant, thoughtful, and always with a personal touch.

Zélikha's style mantra is low-key elegance with a dash of joy. It's about striking that perfect balance between comfort and chic, much like her favourite holiday recipe – Chicken with morel mushrooms and yellow wine, paired with a beautifully tailored jacket and heels.

Inspired by GANNI's interview with Zélikha Dinga

Last year, Zélikha collaborated with Ganni, bringing a dash of her culinary magic to a fashion event in Paris. The highlight? A croquembouche that not only wowed the guests but also made waves on social media, proving that classic can indeed be contemporary.

Zélikha's approach to cuisine and style draws a beautiful parallel to the changes in the culinary scenes of France and Denmark. While traditional French cuisine boasts rich, buttery flavours, the new Danish cuisine is capturing hearts with its healthy, hearty, and innovative dishes. This blend of tradition and innovation is mirrored in Zélikha's own work, where she constantly pushes the boundaries of culinary art.

Her earliest memories of food and fashion are deeply entwined with her current passions. From being mesmerised by the pastries in a local bakery to being awestruck by a Paco Rabanne chocolate dress in a cookbook, these moments have shaped her into the culinary fashionista she is today.

For Zélikha, the festive season is about joy, family, friends, and, of course, indulging in praline log cakes. It's a time when culinary and fashion choices come together in a celebration of life and love.

As we step into the world of Zélikha Dinga, we are reminded that style and substance can coexist beautifully. Whether it's in the kitchen or in the wardrobe, it's all about expressing oneself with passion and authenticity. Zélikha Dinga – a chef who not only cooks but also lives with style.

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